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Attn: John    
I received the part on Thursday last week, installed it and guess what…..WE ARE WARM AGAIN!  On behalf of my family and myself I want to thank heatcoolparts for everything they have done.  I also want to thank them for existing and for saving us over $250.00 in cost of parts and installation (benefits of being an electrician)  I do have a great many friends in the HVAC field and I have given them your site address and highly recommend you.
once again thank you; my furnace is working great!
Great company!


Sent: Friday, December 06, 2002 11:09 AM
Subject: RE: broken wheel

Hello Jim

Thank you for your inquiry.

We have sent out a replacement wheel, you should get it on Monday.

Just throw that broken one in the trash we do not need it back.

Let me know how your repair goes?

Thank you for visiting www.heatcoolparts.com

We stock most parts needed to repair your system, with technical support.

Let us know if we can be of further help.

Please visit again soon and tell a friend.


Great !!!!
You are the best.  Reading the comments on the website from other people , really got me to go through you for supplies.
Great customer satisfaction....if I know someone here at work and friends that needs anything ...I will let them know about you guys.
Thanks again.
Have a great day.
My name is Gabe Green.  I spoke with you over the phone today 11/23.  Anyway, I wanted to email you to thank you for the advise you gave me.
I was checking the limit switch on the ventilation fan, and it appears that the switch wasn't closing the circuit.  After I tapped it, it clicked, and the furnace started right up.
I really appreciate your help.
Gabe Green

Best Regards,

Johnny Marcel

To the Customer Service Supervisor

I recently placed and received an order from your company.
I was assisted by John in Customer Service.
John was very helpful and knowledgeable.
He does a great job!

Thank you very much!
This kind of response will make me consider you in the future (as well as recommend you to others).

Received today, Thanks again for the good service.  I will be glad to pass your information on to others.

hi John, just a note to thank you for being so quick to answer my e-mail. i
wanted you to know that I was without heat for 10 days and could not find the
part I needed. you found the part I needed and sent it to me and i thank you
for your prompt and courteous service and wanted you to know that nobody in
the state had that part. it took me 10 days (without heat) to find your
service and get this part I needed. by the way, it has been about 5 degrees
here. the next time I need a part I will not look any further than
heatcoolparts.com. again I thank you!               ps, the heat is working
great!!        sincerely, Allan

Thanks for getting back to me so fast!!!  My part looks identical to the
41-409, but the 41-403 looks a bit skinnier and the coil, or ignitor
element, or whatever it's called looks a bit different too.  So I may go
with the 409.
Also you can bet I will refer you to any of my friends that need parts,
you guys have the best prices I've seen!!!!  The same part on other sites
were $90!!!  Buying from a local place here I was quoted $100-$150!!!
Thanks for being here!!!


Thanks, I have already told some of my co-workers about your website. I'll be ordering the parts later today when I get some free-time. Pat

Dear President or CEO - Heatcoolparts.com:

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I appreciate your company and more importantly, your company employee, John in Customer Service.
On December 22nd I ordered an intermittent pilot igniter and requested next day service.  On the same day, that evening, I received a kind email message stating that I had missed the delivery deadline and asked "what would you like for us to do with your order?"
Shocked that anyone would take the time to personally respond to me and ask for my further instructions, I indicated that I understood and asked that my order be shipped as instructed on December 26; to arrive the following day, December 27.
Again I received a very kind and personal email stating that my order went out on the 26th and that I would be receiving it on the 27th around 12:00 noon-California time.
Well, not only did my order arrive on the 27th, but it arrived at 12:05 pm! Gez!
I can't thank John enough for the hand holding with this order.  He was unaware that my daughter was up from San Diego and the pilot igniter was very important to me and her (HEAT!).  As I was clearly informed of my order I was able to obtain a portable heater and kept the home warm until the correct part arrived right on time!
I highly recommend your company to anyone and will carry the torch for you folks here in Southern California!

cc: Better Business Bureau