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 Ignition controls

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Part#             Mfg #               type                                 specifications                                       price        purchase


S8910         S8910U1000    Hot surface ignition module   24vac with pre-purge 32sec       $148.60    
Replaces Honeywell S89 and S890 series, 
White-Rogers #50E47 and 50F47 series and Robertshaw 780 series modules.

ICM283        ICM  OEM replacement hot surface ignition module                                     $129.30   

OEM replacement for:

                      Honeywell:S8910U-1000; Robertshaw:H5780; White Rodgers:50E47, 50F47

                      Natural or LP gas                                                

                      Part # ICM283

ICM280C    ICM  OEM Goodman replacement ignition control                                     $146.20    

OEM Replacement for:

                     Goodman: B1809906, B1809908, B1809910, B1809913, B1809913S; UTEC 1012-933D;

                     Texas Instruments: 41F-5; White-Rodgers: 50T35-730, 50T35-743

                     Part # ICM280C

ICM281C    ICM   OEM Carrier replacement ignition control board                                 $136.40  

OEM Replacement for:

                    Carrier: CESO110057-00, CESO110057-01, CESO110057-02

                         Part # ICM281C

S8610U3009   Honeywell universal intermittent ignition control                                          $158.40    

Replaces  S86H/S86M for ICP/Heil/Tempstar

                        Part # S8610U3009              Replaces 612920,  1150558, 1005651

CNT03776    Ignition control for Trane, American Standard and GE furnace                    $287.25     

                       Part # CNT03776     Replaces  CNT01316 , 50E47-860

                                                        White Rogers ignition control

50E47-843           Ignition control,        White Rogers ignition control                                 $169.95     

    Part # 50E47-843    

                             Replaces  780-789, 780-789,

                                              50F47-060, 50A55-285, 50A55-286, 50A55-438,

                                              50A50-110,  50A50-112, 50A50-131,  50A50-143,

                                              50E47-170, 50E47-140, 50E47-150, 50E47-50

                                                                                 1001346, 1010806, 1380694

50A55-843      White Rogers Silicon Carbide integrated furnace ignition control module  $159.95   

                                          Part # 50A55-843

   4 second ignition trial, 30 second prepurge   

                                 Tempstar Part # 1010806,  1179391, 1380699   replaces 50A55-143,  50A50-112

Mfg #                                 Replaces OEM                    OEM Ref.#                                        price      purchase

These are for original or direct replacement and not for retrofit.

780-001               Ignitor / spark generator for Carrier/Bryant/BDP/Payne                       $228.35     

                         Part # LH33CM600    replaces P361-3904, 301121-701

                                    780-001                           301480-101, LH33CZ003


780-002                     Robertshaw    60 sec Lockout      SP735, SP735A, SP745                $228.20       

780-715                     Robertshaw ignition module SP715U, Non-Lockout                         $184.20       

SP715A                     Robertshaw ignition module     SP715 & SP715A                              $214.60     

                                  Rheem # 62-21747-02        100% lockout

1751-729                   Flame sensor for above 780-715 ignition control                               $48.45       

                                   Part # 62-21744-01,   Robertshaw # 1751-729

780-745                     Rheem                          SP735, SP735A                                              $228.20       

                                  This is now replaced by the 780-002

780-780                     Amana # C64552-1    HS780-34NR-308A

                                                                                Now replaced by 50E47-843                  $149.95     

780-783                     Rheem       HS780-34PL-308A        62-22578-01                                  $182.00     

780-785                     Rheem       HS780-34NL-306A       62-22578-02                                  $182.00     

780-787                     Robertshaw  HS780-34NR-306A                                                                            $218.70    

                                 This is now replaced by the 780-910 kit   

780-788                     Robertshaw  HS780-34PR-304A UNI-KIT  

                                                                                         Now replaced by 50E47-843          $149.95     

                                                     replaces White-Rogers 50E47-50     

780-789           Robertshaw  HS780-34PR-308A UNI-KIT. Replaced by 50E47-843         $186.85     

                                                    replaces White-Rogers 50E47-150

780-790           Rheem water heater HS780-17NL-104A,   41-AP10758,   SP10758             $238.00     

780-784          : Factory order please allow for shipping time:   HS780-34NL-108A                          $185.00     

780-910          Universal Hot surface ignition module Kit                                                       $218.70    

                *Provides all necessary instructions and hardware needed to replace most hot surface

                        ignition modules manufactured by Robertshaw, Honeywell and White Rogers,

                        Provides 100% lock-out and complete gas shut-off if main burner does not light after

                        ignition sequence has completed. Applications include systems using local and remote

                        flame sensors, single or three ignition attempts,  4 or 7 second ignition trial time,

                        17 or 34 second ignitor warm up time, 34 second or less pre-purge,  natural or LP gas controls, 120vac hot surface ignitors.*

                       Part # 780-910        Factory model # HS845-34P-IL-4T


Obsolete ignition control units  SP720, SP720-919, SP730, SP730A, 780-712, 780-713

                  *Covert "D" and "K" series heat sensing/flame switch pilot ignition systems to "flame rectification"

                        without replacing the existing gas valve. Refer to cross reference for selection of the correct modernization kit.

                         Included in each kit is a universal pilot mounting bracket with factory installed electrode and sensor,

                         ignition control unit, wiring harness and complete in depth instructions.

                         If the gas valve needs to be replaced use complete kit 712-017 or 712-008 for LP.


780-704     Replaces SP750-919, SP750-919-01, 780-700, (SP750-909 01,02,03),                $298.00   

                                   SP750-410, SP730, SP730A, 780-713, SP730-919,

                                                      SP730-929-01, 780-711                 ( Lockout )


780-705      Replaces SP720-919, SP720-919-01, SP720-909, (SP720-909-01,02,03,04),      $298.00  

                                                SP720-4110, SP710, SP710-919, SP710-929-01,

                                    780-710, SP710A, 780-712                               ( Non-Lockout )


LH33WZ510    Black ignitor box, Push on high tension lead connector.                              $132.90      

                                              24 Volt system providing continuous spark                             

                         Part #  LH33WZ510     

                785-001                          replaces LH33WZ502,    LH33WZ503  

                                                      LH33EP024,  LH33EP030,  P771-1031,  P771-1015, P771-5001


829-013          : Factory order please allow for shipping time:       05-296466-151                               $164.00     

829-013          : Factory order please allow for shipping time:      35-605606-111                               $164.00     

SP735L                          Robertshaw                           SP735L                                               

FS18G                           18G89           Flame sensor for SP735L         

                                      The above parts are now replaced by     

                                       part# 53L90  Kit                                                                                 $189.66    

                                      Replacement kit includes: Honeywell Ignition control, 

                                      control bracket, flame sensor, ground wire, misc. 

                                       screws and instructions. 

                                                                     Replaces Part # 63K24                 

Part#             Mfg #                     type                           specifications                                          price       purchase


S8610                 Replaced by S8610U3009                                                                          $196.60    

                        S8610U1003       Intermittent pilot ignition    24vac 100% Shutoff                
                        Replacement for most Honeywell, Robertshaw, Johnson controls and UTEC (HSI).
                        Has 100% shut off with 90 second ignition trial and 6 minute delay before retry;
                         ignition trial / delay repeated until pilot lights or call for heat is removed; natural or LP.

                        Replaces Honeywell S8600M controls

S8610F                 S8610F1008       Intermittent pilot ignition    24vac Non 100% Shutoff       
                        Replacement for most Honeywell, Robertshaw, Johnson controls and UTEC (HSI).
                        Does not have 100% shut off; continual trial for ignition until pilot lights or system
                        is shut down manually; natural gas application only.

                             Replaced by S8610U3009                                                                          $196.60    

Johnson Controls

G779                     G779LHA-1C     Intermittent pilot ignition    24vac 100% Shutoff         

                                                                 No longer available use Baso Control 
Replacement for most Honeywell, Robertshaw, Johnson controls, Cam stat, Fenwal and Hamilton standard.


                                                                                    L38-259                     $ 228.00   

                                   Replaced by Baso Universal intermittent pilot ignition control

Universal replacement for intermittent pilot controls such as Camstat, Fenwall, HamiltonStandard,

Honeywell and Robertshaw        

Integral or remote spark will operate with or without vent dampers
24VAC, 50/60HZ. Pilot 1Amax. and Main 2A max.

After 5 minute delay if Pilot is not proven 100% shutoff

                            Ignition trial time: 25 seconds

                            Prepurge time: 0 (zero) second

G770KHA-2          Johnson Controls Intermittent pilot ignition  module                                $388.60   

                               Part # G770KHA-2        Replaces G770 KGA-3

G600AX                 G600AX-1      Ignition Control      24vac  Non 100% Lockout                $252.35   

                               Replaced by BASO control L37-488


G600LX                  G600LX-1      Ignition Control       24vac 100% Lockout  25 seconds     $298.70   

                                Replaced by BASO control L37-490

GV49A                   VLV49A-601R    Nat. Gas only      Replacement Valve                            $282.00   

FSY75                    Y75AS-1H   Replacement flame sensor  90 Deg Terminal Connector      $  39.00   

                                                     replaces Carrier LH33CM019, P771-1013, LH33CM018,

                                                                        Johnson controls Y75AS-1H, FL38-662

39F95          Flame sensor  1-5/32" Rod                                                                                    $39.95    

                    Part # 39F95      replaces 37C51


FSY76                     Y75AS-2H        Replacement flame sensor  Straight Terminal Connector  $39.00 

G776                       G776RGD-1,   G776RGD-2 Johnson Control Intermittent Pilot 

                                                                                Ignition Control  kit                                                     

                                 part# 53L90 and Part # 63K24   No longer available use Baso Control        


Replaced by Baso Universal intermittent pilot ignition control

                                                                               L38-956                           $228.20   


                            Replacement for Lennox G20, G20R, G23 and G26 series unit that has a Johnson Controls

                            G776RGD-1, G776RGD-2,  G776RGD-10 or G776RGD-11 ignition control installed,

                            or has been replaced with a Lennox 65K93 ignition replacement   kit

                            24VAC, 50/60 Hz. Pilot 1A max. and Main 2A max

                            Ignition trial time:; 85 seconds

                            Prepurge time: 15 seconds
                            Separate spark/sense only; will only operate without vent dampers


705600                 35-705600-005 Direct spark ignition module   120vac, 100% lockout        $282.70  

                             Part # 35-705600-005             Replaces 05-142201-005  

 05-142201-005     Direct spark ignition module   120vac, 100% lockout                                $282.70  

                                                  Replaced by 35-705600-005

FC1423                 05-142301-005  Direct spark ignition module   120vac, 100% lockout     $195.00   

White Rogers
50D20                   50D20-160           Direct spark ignition module    120vac                           $236.25  

                               Trane Part # CNT3484,  replaces MOD0018

5059-23                  Pilot relite control, replaces: 5059-21, 5059-22, 5059-24, 5059-26,         $184.10  

                               5059-28, 5059-29, 5059-32, 5059-33, 5059-101.

Carrier, BDP, Day&Night, Payne, Bryant, United Technologies
LH512                    LH33WZ512  HSC Ignition control for Bryant/Carrier/BDP                $ 198.00     

HSC513    HSC ignition/lockout control for Bryant/Carrier/BDP                                        $222.50     

                  Part # LH33WZ513A             Replaces part # 310353-702

EF33CZ                      Gas control replacement for Carrier 48KHA024-300BF ,                          $183.35    

                                  Part # EF33CZ206,      replaces   EF32CT181, EF33CZ185, 

                                                                    EF33CZ189, P361-1109                                                                   


Reznor Ignition modules
RZP97782             MODEL# RIHN60 overhead heater  Ignition module  Non lockout    $146.00     
RZP97547             MODEL# RIHN60 overhead heater  Ignition module  with lockout    $198.00    

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